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Alumnae är för plural, kvinnliga akademiker. Alumni är för flera kandidater som alla är män eller en blandad grupp av män och kvinnor. Kan jag säga alun? Alun.

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You can be an alumnus of a high school, college or university. Alumni is the plural of alumnus. This is an example of an irregular plural form in English, where the "us" at the end of the word is changed to an "i" to make the plural. This occurs in specific nouns that are derived from the Latin (cactus-cacti; radius-radii). Alumna.

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Latein: Deutsch: Nominativ, alumni, die Pflegesöhne. Genitiv  Der Begriff alumnus stammt aus dem Lateinischen und bedeutet soviel wie Schüler, Zögling oder Pflegesohn. Der maskuline Plural ist alumni, die  22 Jul 2020 We look at how Guild can be used to host alumni groups - powerful Alumni is a latin word and the plural for alumnus (masculine, plural  20 Jun 2020 It could not be viri. Second declension masculine nouns end in "-i" in the nominative plural: Alumnus > alumni; Singular > plural.

Alumnus plural

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Alumnus plural

someone who has left a school, college, or university after finishing their studies there: 2….

Alumnus plural

alumnus — (n.) 1640s, from L. alumnus a pupil, lit. foster son, vestigial present passive participle of alere to nourish (see OLD (Cf. old)), with ending akin to Gk. omenos. Plural is alumni. Fem. is alumna (1882), fem. plural alumnae … Etymology dictionary Alumna. AP Style uses “alumna” when referring to a woman who has attended a school.
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Plural form of ALUMNUS is ALUMNI. 92 words made out of letters ALUMNUS. According to, "Alumni is a plural noun referring to a group of male graduates, or to a group of both male and female graduates.

Alumnus is defined in Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary as, "someone who was a student at a particular school, college, or university." The plural of alumnus is alumni. Alumni used to be used for men only, but this is no longer true. Alumna is defined as a "woman who was a student at a particular school, college, or university." alumnus. Plural alumni (countable) Alumnus is a pupil or a student who has finished or is about to finish his/her school, college or university.
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Alumni: masculine plural. Alumna: feminine singular. Alumnae: feminine plural. Alumni: the generic word for all former  3.17 Plural forms of nouns.

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If a group includes both genders, even if there is only one male, the plural form alumni is used. At Waterloo, institutionally we only use alumnus and alumni in an effort to reduce confusion, so you’ll find that we regularly refer to a female graduate as an alumnus. We used to have “alumnus” (male singular), “alumni” (male plural), “alumna” (female singular) and “alumnae” (female plural); but the latter two are now popular only among older female graduates, with the first two terms becoming unisex. However, it is still important to distinguish between one alumnus and a stadium full of alumni. When used in the singular, alumnus (which is a male form in Latin) sometimes refers specifically to a male former student, with alumna being the corresponding female term, but the plural alumni generally refers to pupils or students of either sex.